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I am a compassionate therapist and approach my work from an interpersonal perspective. During the first session, I will ask you questions and gather as much information as possible to determine the best course of action.

Therapy is a process, and the length of treatment may vary depending upon the issue at hand. I have skills in both short term and long term therapy. I will work with you to determine the appropriate length of treatment needed to reach your goals and objectives. Each situation is unique and may require different approaches. I will pull from a variety of therapeutic interventions, both collaborative and directive, to best suit your needs.

During the course of therapy, I will work to provide a nurturing and supportive space. My goal is to establish a trusting relationship that will allow you to gain insights, build courage, and take risks.

My hope is to help provide you with a new experience of yourself that will foster change, both in and beyond the therapy session, and lead to a more satisfying life.